Un Arco Iris is A Rainbow (My Second Language Series)

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Together they wait for Rudolf's demise and the subsequent inheritance.

Cómo plantar un arco iris (Board book)

Dima has set to stealing in order to make a living for the two of them, and takes advantage of carnivals and traveling circuses in order to do so. He has frequent run-ins against a bartender played by English rock musician Ian Dury , whom he owes large amounts of money, as well as several low-life individuals a midget, a giant, phony blind beggars and Ambrosia, a large woman whose love he exploits for money. One night, as he escapes one of his many persecutors, he reads about Rudolf's demise, and sets out to spend his savings in a dinner with Ambrosia.

However, upon close inspection of the newspaper, he finds out that Rudolf has left his entire fortune to the Rainbow Girls as long as they take care of his dogs.

Upset, Dima confronts Meleagre, feeling betrayed by him, although Meleagre argues that the fortune he once promised was not money or gold, but paradise and eternity. Outraged, Dima forsakes him and decides to leave him and the sewers for good by taking a ship to Singapore.

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Feeling guilty for leaving Meleagre behind, he jumps off the train and hurries back to the sewers, where his friend awaits death with his dog's corpse. The couple set to find a way out of the flooding sewerlines, but to no good. They eventually reach a ladder leading upwards. Dima manages to climb up to safety. Meleagre happily accepts his fate and hurls himself into a strong current that sweeps him away.

Dima climbs up and sits catatonic in the middle of the street for hours, shocked. In the very end, as Dima walks by the docks, he spots a very much alive Chronos swimming in the water. The dog and the thief reunite and walk happily away by the pier, under a rainbow. This was Jodorowsky's sixth feature-length film, and his first British film. He was frequently threatened by the producers not to change anything in the script, effectively restraining further artistic involvement on his part.

Along with Fando y Lis , this is one of only two films Jodorowsky has directed that he did not also write. Jodorowsky has since disowned the movie. This movie, along with his previous Tusk in , mark his most impersonal work, set far apart from his earlier work.


It was discussed along with his other films in the documentary La Constellation Jodorowsky From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide.

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Un Arco Iris is A Rainbow

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