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One of his key moments came when Captain America had hand picked Thor to negotiate a peaceful surrender with the Builders. Thor arrives on Hala and is told to by Ronin that he may only approach the Builder unarmed.

Thor agrees to this and throws Mjolnir into space. The Builder orders Thor to kneel before him or else watch as the rest of Thor's allies be destroyed. Thor kneels before the builder but this was just a diversion as Mjolnir came back to Hala and rammed through the Builders chest. With the peace treaty being broadcast at the demands of the Builder, the resistance now watches as Thor kills a once thought untouchable being and rallies a now free Hala to rejoin the efforts to stop the Builders.

Once the battle against the Builders was won Thor joined his fellow Avengers to battle Thanos who had invaded Earth while the Avengers were gone helping defeat the Builders. During the battle, Fury tells Thor an extremely important secret later revealed to be "Gorr was right," causing Thor to believe that Gorr was correct in his assertion that gods are useless , which causes him to become unworthy. At the close of the series, Thor is seen trying in vain to lift his hammer.

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Immediately after this, Thor returns to using his old axe, Jarnbjorn. He loses his left arm during a fight with Malekith, which is replaced with a prosthetic made from Uru metal. He later encounters the new Thor, a woman who is somehow able to wield Mjolnir.

After teaming up with this mysterious new heroine, he gives her his blessing as well as the title of Thor, choosing to now go by the name Odinson. During this time, the Odinson grows increasingly bitter and depressed over the situation, drowning his sorrows with alcohol. After learning that the hammer of the deceased Ultimate Thor is now in the ruins of old Asgard, Thor sets out to claim it, believing it may be the key to his redemption.

Unfortunately, he discovers that the ruins have been captured by the Collector. Thor manages to grasp the hammer, but chooses not to lift it, stating that it is not his hammer, but that he will still protect it. In the end, he returns Ultimate Mjolnir and the ruins to where they were previously, and resolves to continue fighting evil, even without his hammer. According to his father, Odin , Thor is not at full potential yet but when he is, Thor will be even more powerful than he is.

Thor has been stated to be the most powerful being on Earth and one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. He's often stated to be the heavy hitter on the Avengers team alongside his rival the Hulk. Thor is physically the strongest of the Norse Gods , being the son of Odin and Gaea, and as such is the God of Strength.

His strength is incalculable in the sense that the upper limit, if one exists, is unknown and there seems to be nearly anything he can't do through applying his strength. Thor has physically overpowered and defeated the strongest of foes including the Abomination , Gladiator , the Thing , even when he had become Angrir , and Thor nearly killed him with one strike. Thor has stalemated the Savage Hulk , despite the latter's increasing strength due to rage and the struggle going on for hours, and stalemated Hercules in several of contests, and the two even once set the planet they were arm-wrestling on out of orbit.

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One of Thor's greatest feats was when he lifted the Midgard Serpent , which was so large it could wrap itself several times around the Earth and crush it in its grasp. Thor can destroy planets with his strikes, and in a battle with Gorr destroyed countless worlds with life-ending blows, also when he struck Beta Ray Bill so hard that he destroyed the planet they were on, which is why he holds back his vast strength to ensure he does not greatly harm his opponents or the area in which they are in.

Nevertheless, Thor can effortlessly press over 1,, tons, and has strength that rivals beings such as Hercules and Gladiator. Thor has been shown to be immune to all human diseases as well as its poisons and toxins. Thor is also immune to electrocution and radiation poisoning and his metabolism is so great that it is nearly impossible for Thor to become drunk except for when he imbibes alcoholic beverages of godly origin.

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His durability has enabled him to survive blasts from the Celestials, and fight on until finally being subdued, and a blast from Odin. He has also sat in the core of the Sun, and he is immune to temperature extremes. He does not require air, and has been able to withstand planet-shattering attacks, he also withstood the weight of a score of planets, and much more. Though Thor is one of the most invulnerable of Marvel's heroes, he is not immune to all forms of harm and can be defeated by a being whose power matches or exceeds his own, or by high order magic manipulation.

Due to his god-like physiology, Thor has a much higher level of endurance than that of humans and most meta-humans. Thor's physiology grants him the ability to perform at his physical peak without tiring for very long periods of time. Thor has displayed his superhuman stamina in a number of situations- he once continually battled an army of Frost Giants for 9 months. Thor has been seen from time to time growing tired after particularly long and strenuous battles, including times when he possessed the Odin-force.

Recently, he has been seen sleeping more often when the day ends. This implies he does indeed require rest to rejuvenate himself, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that sleep is luxury, rather than something he requires daily. Thor and those of his race can go periods of time without food, drink and rest. Odin himself has stated however that with no food the Gods would not survive and Thor has been sleeping on many occasions in his home in Asgard suggesting that currently Thor's body does produce fatigue toxins and thus, he must rest from time to time.

Thor himself has displayed the ability to survive in a vacuum of space for an extended period of time. Thor has the ability to fly at great speed far beyond the abilities of a human being. He is often seen flying at very fast speeds, and has even kept up with the Silver Surfer.

He has flown several of time faster than light on multiple occasions. As stated previously, Thor is not invulnerable to all harm and it is possible to injure him. This healing factor is said to be much stronger than that of the typical Asgardian God. Thor also has the ability to regenerate missing limbs through the use of Mjolnir or the Odin Force which he currently does not possess, only a small portion that resides within his hammer.

Though rarely displayed Thor possess some god like senses. He's able to see as far as the edge of the solar system and track objects traveling faster than the speed of light. He can also hear cries from the other side of the planet. It is a common misconception that Thor and the other Gods of Asgard are truly immortal. Thor and the other members of his race do age but at a rate so slow that to other beings they give the appearance of immortality.

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Thor has been stated to be thousands of years old which makes his life span incomparable to that of the human beings which he protects. When the Asgardians consume the Golden Apples that are cultivated by the goddess Idunn, they are able to maintain themselves in their physical prime.

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Thor as the god of thunder and son of Gaea was born with the natural ability to control weather since birth. Mjolnir allows him better more precise control over his powers and allows him to better regulate his power output, and can act as a shortcut to access his natural powers. This is compared to using his powers without Mjolnir which seemingly require more effort to summon and are more raw and unregulated in their nature. He is able to summon huge storms, rain and lightning from the sky and also creating weather to there where normally isn't any.

He has also the ability to create unnatural weather like fire rain on a barren planet. Thor can also discharge lightning bolts from his hands that are lethal and raw in power, also engulfing his hands in lightning to amp his punches. After Thor was resurrected he came to terms with the fact that he was the son of the Elder Goddess Gaea and realized his ability to control the Earth and has displayed this power by creating very powerful earthquakes.

Thor also displayed this ability when he created a chasm in Africa between two different areas to prevent the enemies of one side from entering the territory of the other. Thor is one of the most trained and experienced warriors in all of the Marvel Universe. Even when Thor had been stripped of his powers and made into a mortal, he was able to defeat a bunch of fodder and also save Captain America with his own shield and wield Mjolnir simultaneously.

Thor was also able to fistfight with Hercules, but was only shown to be slightly under in terms of skill. Thor often prefers to use brawling-type techniques when fighting beings such as Juggernaut , Gladiator and Abomination. Despite being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, Thor's greatest feats of skill come from his weapon expertise. He is easily one of the greatest and most versatile weapon experts in the Marvel Universe, he is generally seen wielding his hammer but has also shown great prowess using weapons such as an axe, sword, bow and arrow, shields and clubs.

Due to the fact that Thor is a War God, he has had great experience with devising plans of war. He has often assisted beings such as Tony Stark as well as Captain America in devising plans of attack while they themselves are known as some of the greatest tacticians. Thor derives his great knowledge of war from Earth as well as the other nine worlds of Asgard.

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