The Twelve Layers of DNA (Kryon Book 12)

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After exploring these final three layers you will have now learned the basic concepts of our etheric DNA which will awaken your personal knowing and healing as well as your individual spiritual evolution. More than chemistry, ringing of truth and a higher power, your DNA has a story to tell. This story is filled with the love of God and a sacred life powered by the joy of creation! Within the sacred double helix at the atomic level there is a master plan, our awareness of this truth will open our eyes and send us on a mythical journey towards expanded human consciousness.

DNA is perfect and cannot be improved; it does not need to be activated but is ready and waiting for your instructions to activate your higher consciousness!

So, once again let us discover who we truly are through the portal provided by our DNA, connecting to Spirit itself! This will be an individual journey for no human has the exact same DNA. It works with free choice, but once you decide to look for the creator inside, it begins that background paint job — something that will help everything you look at make sense as you move forward in spirituality. Click to hear Hebrew Pronunciation.

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As with all the God Layers standing waiting to be called upon, Layer Eleven brings together the best of both genders. As seen in the Masters who radiate strength, compassion and balance. Encompassing the compassion of God which is the most powerful force in the Universe, this layer once called on, will soften the hearts of humanity and bring about peace not only individually, but will turn the world towards love and understanding.

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The Hebrew name has no feminine connotation in that language. Instead, Kryon indicates that this "Wisdom of the Divine Feminine" is the energy of pure compassion , and is what is missing in the duality balance of the earth at this moment. Perhaps the prophet Micha was wise in this area? It is the layer that became enhanced with the Venus Transit of , and it is the true secret of peace on earth. Human Beings with this layer enhanced are balanced with the masculine and feminine duality energy.

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Publisher: Platinum Publishing House , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis This is the long awaited twelfth book in the Kryon series.

The 12 DNA Layers & Illustrations

Look at the illustration, for it's also a rainbow. Did you know an actual rainbow is a circle? There is no beginning or end of a rainbow. It is not an accident that the artist saw this shape and color when it came to illustrating this layer. It is the profound belief layer, unending in its potential and, like the rainbow, cannot be contained, separated, or itemized.

It is truly a quantum effect.