The Nightingale Nurses: (Nightingales 3)

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Florence Nightingale

This title is no longer available locally, but in stock internationally — usually ships weeks. Fans of Call the Midwife will enjoy this. The Nightingale Hospital, the student nurses see the arrival of a patient who is also a fortune teller. But will her predictions for Helen, Dora and Millie come true? Helen is still battling with her domineering mother over her future and her love life, whilst trying to come to terms with the death of her beloved fiance.

Helen is at a crossroads in her life, and begins to consider her entire future in nursing.

But Ruby is hiding a dark secret with the potential to destroy her marriage. She fears what the mysterious new patient has foretold about what lies ahead for her. With war looming in Europe, and London squaring up to the threat of Oswald Mosley's blackshirts, the women of the Nightingale have to face their own challenges, at work and in love. The third book in Donna Douglas' Nightingale series, featuring the lives and loves of a group of student nurses in the s.

Donna Douglas lives in York with her husband and two cats.

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They have a grown-up daughter. They have a grown-up daughter.

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    Recently Viewed. The Nightingale Nurses Nightingales 3. For Nightingale, health goes beyond the absence of disease, it is to be well, being able to use well all the powers one has. A disease is an effort of nature to restore health. Nursing is the way to put the structure of the individual in such a state that there is no disease or that may allow one recover from the disease, ie, the individual must be kept in the best possible conditions for the nature to preserve or restore health, prevent or cure the disease or injury 1 , 5. The concept of environment in this theory is included in both categories of concept, since it is the Environmentalist Theory.

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    Besides the one about environment, some non-common concepts are presented: aeration, in regard to conserve the environment as pure as the outside ambient air; heating, to provide a moderate temperature in the sick room avoiding its cooling; the sanitary conditions of housing, in relation to ensuring the hygiene of the housing, emphasizing the use of pure water, efficient sewer facilities, cleanness, with reference now to the prevention of infections, and lighting, involving the light and direct sunlight 1 , 9.

    Moreover, among the concepts are also presented: the noise, unnecessary noises that are harmful to the patient and cause an expectation in their mind, which undermine and disrupt the need for the patient's home, suck as talks with the caregiver, audible by the individual, the rustling of skirts, agitation, unnecessary questions and the strong stepping while walking 1. The variety is also inserted within these concepts, specifically in the context of changing furniture location, placement of paintings or different portraits and flowers that can be enjoyed by the patient, leading them to diversify their thoughts.

    Nutritious and punctual feeding, appropriate beds and linen and individual's personal hygiene were also concepts presented by Nightingale 1. To analyze the criteria in question, a rating scale of the consistency of the concept is proposed by Johnson and Webber 7. The concepts presented for current and future practice such as "moderate consistency" value of 2 for the scale , before the presence of some definitions that have been modified over time are characterized, as set forth below.

    The Environmental Theory was presented by Nightingale in The fact it has been written over years ago can be regarded as a limitation on the consistency of the its own concepts, because even though it endorses many current actions, some factors may be identified as outdated. Among them we can mention the fact that only women used perform nursing care and nursing was seen as an art not science.

    Nursing practice was a female domain, but an independent practice of their own right, since the nurses acted according to doctors whose prescriptions they should faithfully follow, even though they were not subservient to them. Nursing was therefore seen as an art, while the medicine was seen as science 1. Nursing has feminine traits, to the extent that this genre has a close relationship with the gift and sacrifice, represented by the virtuous self-denial of Nightingale, and the provision of care at all times However, even though, over the years, the number of women in nursing continue growing much higher when compared to men, they are present in this occupation and have gradually increased their admission number in undergraduate courses in nursing and consequently there is the training of new nurses, who seek the profession because of the wide field of action Another concept that is little consisting if the fact nursing is seen as art and not as science.

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    Therefore, there should be considered the historical background throughout its more than years since its foundation as a profession dedicated to the art of caring by Nightingale, in the nineteenth century, to the investments that have been undertaken, gradually and systematically, in building a scientific practice Science consists of a set of descriptive information, explanatory and predictive of reality, resulting from the observation and the experience over the phenomena.

    Through the attempt of renovation or expansion of the nursing knowledge, there is the emergence of theories, in which purposes, limits and possibilities are evidenced in the care and allow reflection on nursing care 5. As already mentioned, the legacy left by Nightingale has the environment as a fundamental principle for the practice of the profession.

    The ideals concerning this principle were grounded in the concepts referred in the Environmental Theory and were considered essential to the success of the theoretical work, managing to reduce the deaths of wounded soldiers infection and promoting the recovery of patients 2. The above-mentioned concepts led to the development of several propositions identified throughout the work studied 1. Among all of them some of them are pointed:. With the proper clothing you can keep, at the same time, the patient warm and in well-ventilated environment;.

    The nursing care involves the house in which the patient lives and those who have contact with them, especially caregivers;. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.