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To limit our field of experiments to emerge. They allow artists to research we have focused on works of art affiliated construct authentic ways of feeling, sensing, with technology and the DIY culture and include touching, relating, enjoying, caring, desiring based artists who apply scientific knowledge to influence on their own diverse and fragmented experiences. DNA such as hair or skin particles in public space to reconstruct their identity Dewey-Hagborg, Giulia them to explore their bodies, and understand what Tomasello follows the same strategy of subtle pleasure means to them.

Some of these subcultures focus on the These projects embrace the body, inhabit it creation of kits, where you can create something consciously and seize it as site of artistic intervention following instructions, and use a set of modular to increase well-being, health or pleasure.

This elements which are provided in a kit. A simple ambition is usually monopolized by industries such example of this might be a DIY-craft kit, or food as the pharma industry. Examples of DIY kits exist extensively within intersection of art and science. When we science practices and share similar perspectives.

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HCI and the Body available technologies are primarily focusing on two parameters: penetration and vibration. Users can The very nature of Human Computer Interaction mold various phallic shaped objects and equip them HCI and Interaction Design is to explore the human with vibrators or use existing objects such as fruit to in relation to technology and vice versa, and there create their own vibrators, supported by open- exist a subset of fields relating specifically to source device platforms such as OSSex Comingle, exploration of the body and bodily engagement.

With this lens we electronics might contain if artists were to design look towards related technologies in this work. This points to how technology, acting on the tools to build a functional device.

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Haptics are used extensively in kit such as the kind found at Sparkfun. Similarly, bodily interaction and not always for transmission of LittleBits offers kits which offer an exploratory digital information. It is in this framing that we seek to motors with multiple types of input. As development, or hacking, to occur. Our aim was to an example, a person might like to explore how investigate if people were actually interested in the stroking a stone, fabric, or moving hands through subject, in sharing knowledge about the subject and water could control a vibrator.

The input methods if so, to start a dialogue about future joint projects are limited only by imagination and the output can be explored, in this first phase, via 4 different styles Participants were shown a presentation of images and sizes of motors. Following 5.

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The workshops this, we held a discussion about pleasure and how participants related to technology and their bodies. The workshops are based on a hacktivist, open source approach where knowledge is produced Participants exhibited surprising openness and collectively. Furthermore, our project relies on willingness to share both what they considered feminist hacking as an art-based research practice problematic in relation to current technology involving an intensive knowledge-sharing process, developed for the body and ideas for potential future structured around breaking with feminine gender projects and 3 projects described below emerged scripts, transgressing gender norms and embracing as a result of this workshop.

However, some technological challenges. Feminist hacking is about participants indicated they would be interested in developing artistic technology, based on open working with bodily interaction, though not sex toys. Participants were not only interested re-inventing the vibrator but rather widened the scope to We wanted to work out of safe spaces; an intentional encompass pleasure on a whole-body scale and environment where knowledge exchange is expressed interest in the exploration of technology encouraged among participants and where we that goes beyond vaginal stimulation alone.

Thus, we set up the Workshop 1: Conclusion workshops in two environments in Vienna and As the debate focused on body and pleasure in a Copenhagen which both have an emphasis on broader sense, the title of the project evolved to inclusion and creating safe and creative become Future Pleasure Objects. In this stream, environments. Workshop 2: S-rummet, Copenhagen, In this first workshop, we knew we wanted to We invited our an invite under the title Future Sexual Objects to personal connections, including academics, artists, everyone on their mailing-list.

Twelve participants hackers, creatives and people from industry. The invite specified: amongst themselves.

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We know there is room a product. The overall theme of the in Vienna, however, we changed the headline to evening will be, how can we re-invent the vibrator? Future Pleasure Objects. Afterwards we asked The emphasis will be on discussing potential participants to form groups and tried to ensure there features and how various features might affect the was a mix of artists, academics, hackers and others understanding of sexuality and the relation to in each group.

We asked groups to consider the technology. The three projects are described in the through other means light , Surfaces, Links to section: Platform for Artistic Pleasure Kits. Each group created a set of 5. Summary of Workshops: Moving from idea mind maps noting their discussion and these are development to a DIY Kit platform briefly presented below: The workshops informed what the DIY kits might Group 1: A focus on treasure maps arose, asking contain in relation to materials, shapes and ways of about how geocaching or dead-drops might be used interacting.

Most interestingly was a move away to convey data which could be interpreted as from silicone as a material, the desire to experiment actuated activity in a bodily device. We found that the technologies developed as a pleasure trigger. Group 3: An interest in sound, movement and experience was dominant in this group as they As a consequence of the discussion at the last explored sound versus visuals as potential sources workshop in Vienna we aim to develop a platform for of pleasure.

Further, two strong themes emerged, 6. There was significant discussion about how to engage with the world outside the bedroom, As the three projects were being developed including the city, other people, landscapes, and as described below , we begin to develop the idea of mentioned, public activity.

Further, the topic of an online platform for artistic pleasure kits. This will interpersonal interaction was also strong, take the form of a website whose aim is to become participants imagined how we might interact with a platform wherein artists co-create the kits with others to create and enjoy pleasure, without those those curious about non-binary pleasure objects. All groups were interested in developing kits and The components needed to build such a device had many ideas for future projects.

Workshop 3: Vienna, The artists are is shared collectively. In this way the website Patricia Reis and Kristin Weissenberger. Patricia becomes an experiment for future business models, Reis is a researcher who has been researching the where artists are recognized for being the producers relation between art, technology and the body Reis, of content. For Future Pleasure Objects she is experimenting with breath and sensation on the The following three works are presented as beta body.

Instead, it focuses on the spine, where 12 vibration motors are triggered in varying patterns according to the content of text messages sent to the device. Reis and Bartel aim to facilitate a digital translation between body and mind, triggering body sensations via text message. Figure 1: Text Me 7. As breath is sensed, a microcontroller autonomous and non-binary articulations of desire translates the rhythm, intensity and humidity of the and the machine.

Entering the workshops, we came breath into vibration patterns using 10 motors on an with a framing of what non-binary sex objects might adaptive textile belt. Page after page, Comella articulates how vital and transformative this work can be, even if it sometimes feels frustrating and redundant. Vibrator Nation is an essential history of an overlooked industry, its place in the world of sex education and commerce, and a reminder of the work that still needs to be done. Equally engaging for those both inside and outside of academia, Vibrator Nation is an important and accessible addition to the sex-positive feminist canon.

Lynn Comella's masterful book documents the 'sex-positive' ethos of gender and sexual progress and its complex junctures within capitalism, feminism, and education. Recounting a pivotal moment, Vibrator Nation is a fascinating history lesson for the uninitiated, a gift to all who were there, and a love letter to those who call these sex shops home. Through years of interviews and participant-observation, she brilliantly traces how the difficult conversations about race, class, and gender among feminist sex-toy store owners, their workers, and customers created a new kind of sexual public sphere.

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Read the Introduction. Book Pages: Illustrations: 41 illustrations Published: September In Vibrator Nation Lynn Comella tells the fascinating history of how these stores raised sexual consciousness, redefined the adult industry, and changed women's lives. Comella describes a world where sex-positive retailers double as social activists, where products are framed as tools of liberation, and where consumers are willing to pay for the promise of better living—one conversation, vibrator, and orgasm at a time.

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Praise "This book offered a good balance between research, interviews, and Comella's personal experiences, which ultimately created a fantastic book that explored many perspectives. Adams, Choice "In addition to highlighting the educational role assumed by sex-toy shops, Comella's Vibrator Nation brings an academic emphasis to sexuality that builds a bridge between the corporate and scholarly worlds.

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Schaal Stefan Is imitation learning the route to humanoid robots? Scheutz M The inherent dangers of unidirectional emotional bonds between humans and social robots. In: USA today, October 4 Simon M We need to talk about robots trying to pass as humans. In: Wired, June 7 Sparrow R Robots, rape, and representation. In: Workshop on social robots in the wild Google Scholar. Spielberg S Artificial intelligence [Motion picture]. Warner Bros, Burbank Google Scholar. Sweet LM, Good MC Re-definition of the robot motion control problem: effects of plant dynamics, drive systems constraints, and user requirements.

Tezuka O Tetsuwan atom. YouTube video published on January 10 Last visit: September Villeneuve D Blade runner [Motion picture]. White A On the cover: are we ready for robot sex? In: New York press room, May Whitby B Do you want a robot lover? Wodak R, Meyer M eds Methods of critical discourse studies.