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Convex objects can be any completely closed convex 3D shape. For example, a box can also be a convex object. The diagram below illustrates what is convex and what is not:. RenderMeshName must be identical to the name of the render mesh the collision mesh is associated with in the 3D application. Currently, spheres are only used for rigid-body collision and Unreal's zero-extent traces e.

Player movement. Also, spheres and boxes do not work if the StaticMesh is non-uniformly scaled. In general you probably want to create UCX primitives. Once your collision objects are set up, you can export both the render and collision mesh in the same. FBX file. When you import the.

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FBX file into Unreal Editor, it will find the collision mesh, remove it from the render mesh, and turn it into the collision model. Breaking up a non-convex mesh into convex primitives is a complex operation, and can give unpredictable results. Another approach is to break the collision model into convex pieces yourself in Max or Maya. In the case of an object whose collision is defined by multiple convex hulls, results are best when the hulls do not intersect with one another.

For example, if the collision for a lollipop were defined by two convex hulls, one for the candy and one for the stick, a gap should be left between the two as in the following illustration:. Sockets are commonly used in games to attach an object to another object, whether this be for a Skeletal or Static mesh. Unreal Engine 4 provides tools for creating sockets inside the Static Mesh Editor. Sometimes it may be necessary to set these up within your 3D modeling application and export it with your render mesh. These sockets can be Translated, Rotated, and scaled relative to the bone on a Skeletal mesh or or the size of the Static Mesh.

Use this on any Dummy or Helper objects in your modeling application to assign a socket to your mesh. RenderMeshName must be identical to the name of the render mesh the socket object is associated with in the 3D application. When creating sockets for your mesh, you can only have a single mesh FBX setup with sockets that can be imported into Unreal Engine 4.

For instance, if you have two render meshes that you want to be separate assets will need to be imported as separate FBX files. This means that you cannot import multiple meshes and assign the sockets to each separate mesh, and that if you have two sets of render meshes with their own sockets they will not import correctly. They would need to be exported as separate FBX files. No special setup is necessary.

Change the name of one or more objects

Static Meshes can be exported individually or multiple meshes can be exported to a single FBX file. The import pipeline will separate multiple Static Meshes into multiple assets within the destination package unless specified to combine the meshes by enabling the Combine Meshes setting at the time of import. In the File menu, choose Export Selection or Export All if you want to export everything in the scene regardless of selection.

The settings in the Geometry category above are the most basic requirements for exporting Static Meshes to Unreal Engine 4. Browse to the Content folder of your Project. You will see that your FBX file has been added.

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You can leave the default options for importing. Your asset has now been imported and you can drag-and-drop it from the Content Browser into your level.

In the example above as part of our Import Options , we imported Materials and Textures. In the File menu, choose Export Selected or Export if you want to export everything in the scene regardless of selection. Click the button in the Content Browser and choose Import. Navigate to and select the FBX file you want to import in the file browser that opens. First 10 Free. Asked 2 years, 6 months ago. Active 2 years, 6 months ago.

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