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Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. I purchased a modem from someone on craigslist to use for my new cable internet service. The modem appeared to be unused and in brand new condition. However, the sticker on the box with the modem's serial number and MAC address was removed. I first tried using the internet a few hours after the technician activated the service.

I immediately noticed my download speeds were slow. Running a speed test, I see that my download speeds are less than 1Mbps my service level is for 50 Mbps. My upload speed seems to be fine. My guess is that some previous owner of the modem has used the serial number and MAC address to clone my modem. When I activated my internet service, they were able to be provisioned on the network under my account.

Now they are downloading massive amounts and using up all of my allocated bandwidth. Is this feasible? If this is true, is there anything I can do? Even if someone has your MAC address, that is not enough to get service to work. Cable modem cloning is a pre-BPI problem and nowadays all cable operators use it.

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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Am I the victim of internet service theft from a cloned modem? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 9 months ago. Active 5 years, 8 months ago. I have sometimes "thought," said the girl, "that if Ua confided her trouble to your friend Mr. Protheroe that night, an if he saw Mr. Vinet on her behalf, and if Vinet permitted himself to use euch threats in Protheroe's pre- sence, your friend might have -but no no Unless he and Ida were together. And it is not at all likely that they were.

The Instruments - modem murder! ;-)

It was a very reasonable explanation that my friend, provoked beyond bearing by the threats and insults Vinet may have poured out against the girl he worshipped, might have suddeiny drawn the revolver, perhaps intending only to frighten Vinet, and half blinded by passion, had pre3sed the trigger before he knew what he was doing.

Why should that hypothesis seem to Miss Menteith untenable? She was searching mJ face once more with her eyes, one hand preise I upon her side, as if to stay the beating of her heart. It was plain to me that she was hesi- tating as to whether she should confide some- thing to me or not.

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I almost wished she would not. Yet for Char- ley's sake it was necessary that I should liaten.

Murder, corruption, atrocities and horror! – Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

I will not insult you by asking you to keep this a secret," said Miss Menteith, "but 1 do ask you not to use it even to obtain your friend's release—not until the last moment—not asUl the trial. I hesitated. Yet not even for her sake can I allow an inno- cent man to go to the scaffold. I should feel as though I had murdered him with my own hand She was silent for some seconds, and when she spoke again it was in a tone from which every trace of passion and emotion had ran ished. The only sign by which I guessed how much it cost her to speak out was that at intervals she drew a long breath, as if the air of the room were not enough for her.

As I said, the worst that could befal would be that the innocent should suffer for the guilty. Clavering, if—if—if it should be that Ida were guilty, they would not-they would not hang her, would they? There was agony in the gentle face turned towards me at the other side gf the table. I could not bear to look at her. If the pro- I vocation could be shown to have been very great, that would be one thing. But if it were shown that Protheroe went there-which I am certain be never did-intending to kill his rival, that would be a very different matter. Protheroo in danger?

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I am sorry to say, there is no doubt of that. All I ask is that you will tell me some time beforehand when make this public.

Apple buys Intel's smartphone modem division for US$1B

Protheroe or Ida killed that man wilfully, in cold blood. But, i1 it is a question of who fired the fatal shoe, of the two it is not your friaad that fired it.

Roblox - O MURDER NÃO SOU EU!!! (Murder Mystery 2)

I How do you know that? I "Yes; I reinember that the girl's shooting Was something marvellous, and for some months ha. She was one of the best shots among the girls, and after the craze passed away, she retained pos- session of her revolver.

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  • You do not mean to tell me-? Ida's revolver is not in the drawer in which sha always kept it. I missed it when I went to the drawer yesterday for some string. It ig a large table drawer, where vari- ous odds and ends are kept. The box of cart- ridges was there too. Some had been taken out, but, of course, that may have been done long ago.

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    The barrel was dask-polished metal, the stock of a beautifully- veined dark-coloured wood and there were three small stars on the handle. You have seen the revolver found on the lawn beside the dead body? Your des- cription tallies with it exactly. Do you think it is likely that anyone besidej yourself would miss the revolver? Miss Monteith thought for a moment, and then said—" The only two persons likely to open the drawer betides Ida and myself are the upper housemaid, and Ida's own maid, a girl she has had for the last two or three months.

    Son stabbed father to death after being told to stop playing computer games

    I should advise you to lock the drawer, if it has a lock but, if not, don't have one put on. It might make some one ask why you did it. Vinet was holding some threat over Ida, to force her to carry out her engagement with him. When a young girl fancies herself in love she is capable of writing letters which sire would not allow to be made public if it were to save her life I think there must have been something of that kind in Vinet's hands, or he would have had no way of compelling bar to obey him.

    You see, too, that he talks of making her the laughing-stock of the town, and says he had written a letter to Lord Ormidale which would make his lordship return at once to London. Vinet would ruin his own reputation as well as Miss Braithwaite's, but he would not care for that, so long as he had his revenge. Of course W3 may assume that Miss Braithwaite told my friend Charley Protheroe the plight she was in.

    He went to the man's h use, and waited long in the hope of seeing him. Perhaps he was in a room which locked L 4ise, Perha E:ck of the house, and saw hirr, towards the back of the house, and saw hiir smoking on the lawn, and went to him. He is a hot-tempered fellow, I know very well.

    In a transport of passion he covered him with the pistol, perhaps tc make him take back what he had said, and perhaps the weapon exploded. U Ida had the revolver. Either the girl must have fired the shot herself, or she and Charley must have met, and she had given it to him. But ia that case, why should he have remained all night in the house?