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Toddler Craft: Ladybug

The blank canvas of a new term! Started back at Committed to Cloth at the beginning of September and it was good to be back after a summer break. Screen printed some lobsters with the thermofax screen of my sister's lobster design. I used screen inks instead of dyes and rolled…. When I visited my sister in Hampshire last year we went to Hobbycraft. I bought some leopard print felt actually, it's really cheetah!

I was pondering what to make with it and it occurred to me that Mr Pinchy could look great as a barmaid. Hopefully I will get to stitching them. Have you ever found that elusive Thyridia butterfly? Yes, much to my relief they have been found; now if I could find some time to actually get around to stitching some of these! The lament of cross stitchers everywhere I already stitched white work is beautiful by the way. I meant to say I already stitched White Morpho and your work is very beautiful.

For whatever reason some words dissapeared from my first reply. Stitched for Wichelt. My Dimples Designs Beasties Project. Over the past few years I've been collecting Terrence Nolan's Wee Beasties patterns, as well as his other bug designs. At this point, I believe I have all but two; I am missing his blue Thyridia and gold Thyridia designs.

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It's somewhat hard-to-find. Sounds like a plausible title, though I haven't read it. This sounds like it might be the book I'm looking for. The other Smith book , O,The Brave Music is definitely not the one--it is my favorite book and I still own it, and the others don't sound right. So I hope He Went for a Walk is correct. I'm ordering it anyway. A Head on Her Shoulders A group from a community decides to move west after their area is devastated by a tornado. For some reason, the children of one family are traveling alone -- all of their belongings are in a railway boxcar.

One time, I think someone gets off the train to pick skunk cabbage and almost gets left behind. I read this in the 70's, but I think it was written earlier than that. Is this the same book as T?

Stolen Child

I checked out T, and that description is the book I've been looking for. The town people decide to leave and take a train to Oregon.

The father is going to travel in a box car with the boys and the animals, but on the day of departure, he breaks his leg. The young daughter has to take charge, and go on the boxcar with her brothers. On the way there, they meet a gypsy girl who's father has died, and she stays with them.

I remember that they run low on money and food, and the gypsy girl is able to get her father's trunk and gives them food and money from it. They reach Oregon safely, and the parents agree to take in the gypsy girl. I posted this stumper two years ago.

I had been racking my brain for the title of this book for almost 20 years. A week before Christmas, while sitting in church during the Offertory, the title A Head on Her Shoulders sprang into my head. As soon as I got home, I checked eBay, and a few copies were up, with a synopsis of the book. I had my title, and I bought a copy of the book. I was really happy about this! I must have read it around 20 times since then!

Headless Cupid This was one of those books about girls playing with magic.

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Amanda wants everyone to believe she has magical powers. She wears a small triangular mirror on her forehead, to make herself look mysterious, and conducts seances and things like that. In a way it's similar to E. The Headless Cupid. When Amanda comes to live with her new stepfamily she creates quite a stir with her interest in the occult, her weird hairdos and clothes and the triangle on her forehead. This book is the first of a series of adventures of the Stanley family. At least three sequels don't quite live up to the original, but are fun to read.

Amanda is very unhappy about her mother''s divorce and subsequent remarriage, so she wraps herself up in occult studies and even invents a poltergeist with which to frighten her new family. She also wears her hair in many tiny braids and wears witchy looking clothes. There is a mystery involving a headless cupid in the story. I'll add my voice to the likely chorus - probably The Headless Cupid , by Zilpha Keatley Snyder , published Atheneum , where proto-goth Amanda joins the Stanley family and tries to make herself special by conducting seances, claiming to be psychic, etc.

They're stunned to see her dressed in a strange costume, carrying a pet crow, and surrounded by a pile of books about the supernatural. It's not long before Amanda promises to give witchcraft lessons to David, Janie, and the twins. But that's when strange things start happening in their old house. David suspects Amanda of causing mischief, until they learn that the hosue really was haunted a long time ago.

Legend has it that a ghost cut the head off a wooden cupid on the stairway. Has the ghost returned to strike? Book from the mids about two girls who were reading a book about how to become witches and performing the tasks needed to become a witch - one of the tasks was walking on the furniture in order to not touch the floor. I think another task involved a frog. Hildick, E. I dont remember the part about not walking on the furniture, but Allison and her sister Jeannie find a book on how to become a witch while on vacation and perform all the tasks to do so.

Theres more about it in the Solved section, it is still in print and easily available. Amanda offers to teach her new stepsiblings magic. She resents her mothers remarriage, so she makes up "ordeals" for the stepsiblings that she hopes will be disruptive to the whole family. Others are not touching anything made of metal and not speaking for a whole day. The ordeals are only a part of the overall plot. Excellent book. Could it be this one? Its not two girls, but one girl Amanda who has four new step-siblings who shes trying to convince that shes a witch.

Theres definitely an episode with all the kids trying to prove they could be witches too, by trying to get around the room without touching furniture. As I remember, the youngest kids cheat somehow, and Amanda gets disgusted.

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ZKS has written many books though, and I could be confusing the titles. This is it!

  1. The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability;
  2. For Calvinism / Against Calvinism (Enhanced Edition).
  3. Melanie the Gentle Ladybug by Douglas Stephen Surbeck -
  4. Mr Pinchy – Melanie Makes Meringues.
  5. Joy at Work Work at Joy: Living and Working Mindfully Every Day.
  6. Sermon On The Mount: Restoring Christs Message to the Modern Church (New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology).

Elizabeth meets a new friend Jennifer, who takes charge and decides they will learn to be witches. A wonderful beek by a wonderful author. Headless Cupid.

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This is the answer! Thank you so much!! Illustrated by Alton Raible. Dell Publishing: a Yearling paperback, Signed by Snyder on a sticker placed on front free endpaper: "From one author to another.