How To Sell More Books with Awesome Amazon Descriptions

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Thank you so much for this offering. Dave delivers an excellent course in nice small chunks, covering all of the basics and more of using AMS. The notes for each section are very helpful as well. The course definitely helps illustrate the value that you can get from KDP Rocket, showing how you will save hours of research for keywords for your books. Thanks a lot for the free course, Dave. I've really learnt a lot. Thanks again, Dave. And, I can't wait for new updates! This course is amazing! This course is as good, if not better. Wish I had known about it then. Since fees acquire in an active campaign I deleted them since I wasn't able to manage them.

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I worked with Amazon and they were not able to address the issue after several weeks. Great course!

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The step by step explanations are so easy to follow and understand. Dave gives really great examples on both Fiction and Non-Fiction genres. I love that you can keep going back and watching the videos again in case you need a refresher. I highly recommend this course! What an educational course!!

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Dave was quite good in explaining the whole process. All of this course opened my eyes to so many things! I'm excited about what I've learned! And the best part is it's going to help my book sales!!! I've been in a big, dark cave regarding advertising and marketing.

I have written 10 books. That was frustrating.

Sell More Books - The Secret to Book Descriptions that Sell

I wasted thousands on Facebook and Google ads without any sort of impact, except spending all my profits on worthless ads. Each lesson, I went straight to AMS and took the steps he outlined. Each day I saw a steady increase in my sales. Oh, yes.

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Nothing, and I do mean nothing, has had the positive impact on my sales than this course. Work hard. Get results. Thank you Dave for putting together, and sharing for free, a stellar course that made learning, as it pertains to Amazon advertisements for books, a breeze. I'm looking forward to diving into KDP Rocket bought it! I've been running Sponsored Product Ads for a short while with moderate success.

This course has shown be how to get even better results. Amazing that it's free! Jack Roberts Curious Kids Press. I'm enjoying your courses and learning AMS as well as an amazing class. Thanks for your works. The Best Vahdat Torabi. I cannot believe that I received all this valuable training for free.

People charge for this kind of training and you are giving it away for free which is kind and shows what kind of person you are. I have been to paid trainings that have not been half as informative as this one. When you serve others good things happen and that is why you are doing so well because of your giving spirit.

How to Become a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon: Step-by-Step Instructions

I just happened to stumble upon your website and I am so glad I did. I even bought KDP rocket because of all the value you have provided. Thank you for your service and continued success. I am trying to decide whether to seek a publisher or self publish on Amazon, and after taking this I am now really excited to try these techniques! It made me feel like I really can do this.

WOW this course is truly amazing. Dave goes through each and every step you need to complete to start and manage your Amazon Ads campaign. I enjoyed each and every class and I would love to continue with deeper classes! Great job!

Mastering Amazon Descriptions: An Author's Guide: Copywriting for Authors by Brian D. Meeks

I just wish it was a bit slower so that I can practise step by step as I go along. The replay is very static. This course was exactly what I needed to explain how AMS advertising works in simple steps making every point completely clear. Thank you so much, it was perfect. This quick course gives you so much great information and it's easy to follow and understand. Nice work, Dave! As a marketing professional, I've got extensive experience with direct response advertising, but no experience with AMS. This course gives you easy to understand and execute strategies for promoting your book.

The sections on key words is exceptionally helpful. There are lot of key facts in this that I found very, very helpful. It is well worth the time. Also, it is exceptionally helpful to be an owner and user of KDPRocket. I had no idea that there would be so much help in getting my book sold. I am such a novice I will have to go back and revisit sections of the course to fully understand. Guys, this was awesome.

I learned a ton, it was free, the resources were excellent and I even bought KDP rocket from it. Thank you.. When it comes to book advertising you can spend a fortune and get no results, so I believe the key is to focus on one advertising outlet and master the techniques to improve your sales. The primary candidate is sponsored ads on Amazon Marketing Services.. Fine-tuning your ad campaign is time consuming, but you can take the pain out of the process by using KDPRocket to create your keyword list and finding lucrative book niches. There's no excuse for saying "I can't afford to advertise" "I don't know how to advertise my book" "Keywords just confuse me" Jay Artale, Birds of a Feather Press.

I wish I had access to this course before I burned my fingers and lost thousands of dollars on unnecessary marketing that lead me no where. When I started applying the lessons, the campaigns costs were within budget, and I saw big impact on sales with great ROI in few days.

I am surprised how this course is for free, whereas other courses charge money for a course that is not as detailed as this one. Trust me I tried many of those courses. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Dave meticulously explains each step of the AMA ad-making experience, and now I have a reference to go back to whenever I need help. And it's free, folks. And even though the KDP Rocket is a paid app, it is worth every penny because it truly does what Dave says it's going to do.

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It cuts down on hours, no, weeks of painstaking research. I can't thank Dave enough for this course.