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May 12, Kat rated it really liked it Shelves: rpgs , Honestly, there is valuable information in this book for players as well as DMs. If you've never DMed before, there are plenty of rules in here for dealing with everything from combat to climbing, weather, traps, and more. There are also lots of treasure and magic item lists to reward players. It's generally easy to find what you need in here, though the index is somewhat lacking.

There are times when I really miss 3.

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It was a good system for game play. Very customizable. Jul 01, Hazel rated it liked it Shelves: game-guide , non-fiction. I think this book is quite well done. It's easy to follow and usually when you have a question it gives it to you almost immediately.

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At other times the answers are harder to find, and sometimes you can't find them at all. The organization of things in the book also is not as desirable as it could be. Still, the book overall is quite well done and the pictures are gorgeous. Nov 02, David rated it really liked it Shelves: role-playing-game , dungeons-and-dragons , i-have , high-fantasy. The 3. May 15, Melkirdin rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy-fiction. I sat down and read this book essentially cover-to-cover or tried to and it doesn't lend itself to that kind of reading.

Sep 18, Ian James rated it really liked it Shelves: rpg-books. Jan 24, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: d-d-roleplaying. Oct 27, Bill rated it liked it Shelves: , fiction. Apr 04, Timothy rated it really liked it. One of the other corebooks for the Edition 3. I bought them for source material for a game-writing project. Apr 07, Dylan rated it really liked it Shelves: d-and-d-rulebooks. Rating based on usefulness. Feb 22, Francisco Becerra rated it really liked it Shelves: rpg. The best version of the DMG, it has plenty of useful information to create or add flavor to any campaign world.

Jul 28, Dustin rated it liked it Shelves: game-book. Alexhalebooks rated it it was ok Apr 24, Bill Cassinelli rated it really liked it Feb 24, SJ rated it really liked it Oct 18, Peter Aronson rated it really liked it Jan 22, Vladyslav Shumylo rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Joe Pomes rated it it was amazing Apr 30, Steve rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Steven rated it really liked it Jul 01, Elizabeth Cole rated it it was amazing Aug 01, Alan rated it liked it Jul 11, Jesper rated it really liked it Jul 02, Readers also enjoyed. About Skip Williams.

Skip Williams. Other books in the series. Books by Skip Williams. Trivia About Dungeon Master's They usually contain some sort of power up hidden behind a puzzle or an enemy. Some subdungeons provide quest chain advancement instead of a powerup, these subdungeons will be not appear anymore once you have advanced the quest chain. These subdungeons may appear instead of the regular Subdungeon. However, they each only do so until completed once.

Completing these subdungeons normally unlocks some game element Race, Altar, Class or other progression. These are the regular subdungeons that spawn on most maps. Some subdungeons seem to appear more often than others, which suggests that they also have a set rarity weight. Regular subdungeons always have their entrances spawn on accessible tiles i. Killing the plants in a right order boosts your stats.

You can look up the recipes with the Scroll. These are 5x5 unexplored subdungeons with the entrance in the center.

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They always contain a signpost and at least 5 gold piles, and also often contain monsters or items. The possible signpost text depends on the region that the main dungeon is in: center, north, east, south, or west. For a given signpost text, the same monsters or items will always spawn although the reverse is not true: some monsters and items are shared between signposts. The positions of the signposts, monsters, items, and gold piles are all random. The tile color is fixed based on the region.

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In these lands, rumours persist of a particularly odd gorgon who turns adventurers into helpful dungeon signboards instead of stone. Though this gorgon has never been sighted, adventurers are advised to stay away from regions of densely-clustered signposts, especially if they happen to contain any warnings about gorgons. Meat Men: Due to their frequent appearance in most standard dungeons and their inherently delicious-sounding names , Meat Men are common go-to beasts for any dungeoneer who wants to eat on the go. As with any meal that potentially fights back, it's best to try find one that you can easily kill.

Even when a suitably weak Meat Man cannot be found, however, it's still possible for adventurers to exchange blows with a slightly stronger foe and win the battle if they take time halfway through to recover from some of their wounds. This is because Meat Men are extremely, well, MEATY, but don't generally put out enough damage to force enemies into a lengthy retreat.

Entry Common Farm Goat Four-legged, barely-domesticated animal occasionally bred for its milk and meat. Distinguishing traits include medium to long horns both males and females , prominent 'beards' and short, upward-pointing tails. Entry Common Dungeon Goat Four-legged, recently wild animal sought after as a trophy kill. Distinguishing traits include hatred-filled eyes, natural magic resistance and a tendency to seek out and murder adventurers.

Though not always as dangerous as some of the realm's more exotic creatures, goblins can still be a nuisance to any adventurer.

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We've all heard the reports of some poor schmuck clearing out a low-leveled nest of the creatures, only to accidentally stub their toe and meet an untimely end because they were too clumsy to notice their waning health. Nothing short of an assassin's blade can outdo the alacrity with which these creatures strike, but magically slowing them down before attacking can yield favourable results and a more valuable kill. The secret of its location is protected by powerful magical wards, and the Tower floors themselves regularly shift in and out of existence, ensuring that each new intruder meets a unique and terrifying challenge.

No two Tower experiences are ever the same A common technique by which a hero may fully rejuvenate in mid-combat against a tougher opponent, using weaker enemies as fodder to facilitate a quick level-up. Easily digestable in groups. The attack was brief and deadly - two puncture marks silently wept blood onto her collar.

Yet even with the liquid anathema flowing through her veins, she raised her hammer and shattered the vile creature's skull, all the while praying to divines who may or may not have existed. I've found the knight buried here.

The artifacts are missing, but the remains will be of use. The former appears to have been lost with time, but it seems that knowledge of the latter was deliberately destroyed. Knowledgeable priests can, with great difficulty, bind a soul instead. Ancient cult leaders would use the remains of former Heroes, valuing their prowess and the irony of their servitude.

He slew half of us immediately, proof of worth to those who remained. Our leader laughed - the baubles were no longer needed.

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He discovered true immortality, and rendered himself untouchable by the divines. It came at a great cost: whatever he'd discovered in the Pit had broken him, too. I got what I wanted, but now I forget why I wanted it. I can sweep aside any foe, but which one was the enemy I wanted to destroy?

The act of clearing out nuisances usually plants with harmful status effects that, for whatever reason, don't have an immediate impact on the player. The Spider, the Snake and the Dragon have always been gods, strong and true and terrible. These aspects that the two-legged walkers have fashioned for themselves are vain, confusing and numerous, yet still seem to hold some power.