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This is one "smart" category we're seriously excited about lately. They mean you can stop futzing around for keys, or having to make spares for guests. There are a few things to consider before purchasing, including whether or not the device will be compatible with your phone — and what extra features you'll want.

Read on for some of our favorites!

The Schlage Sense was one of our top picks from our recent smart lock test. We love how you can lock your door with a simple touch on the Schlage logo as you are leaving. It has other helpful features too, like being able to automatically re-lock after a set time interval, plus a built-in alarm if someone tries to break in.

The Schlage Connect offers a lot of the same features as the Schlage Sense, such as the ability to set 30 access codes, auto-lock or do one-touch locking.

What combination locks teach us about encryption weakness

It is designed to work either as a stand-alone product without an app, or pairs with SmartThings, Wink or Z-Wave products to allow for remote smartphone access, among other features. It can now also work with Alexa devices, so you can check in with your Echo on the status of the door, and give commands to lock it.

The August Smart Lock was a top-tested pick , in large part because it was the only tested product that does not require you to alter your exterior hardware. This gives users flexibility with what locks they want from an aesthetic standpoint, but also an easier setup! More on the issue here. Read more here. Read full story here. Follow this link to read the full story. Naude and Ivan Vladislavic exchange ideas about writing. Follow this link to read more.

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Flashback Hotel. Print Email. The top bar is 3. These Carabiner style combination locks are made from superior, highly durable and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. This means they are very strong and incredibly light. Each lock has a 3-digit combination allowing for any settable code between and The code can be reset at any time.

The mechanism is well made and can bear a total load of 45 kg. Each lock measures 10 by 6 by 1. Reviews vary widely but on the whole many attest to the locks superior strength and durability. Its main feature is its convenient push-button locking mechanism that comes in an alpha-numeric telephone keypad format.

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With the pad, you can set your own, highly secure, alphanumeric 12 character code with its easy to use large buttons. When used as intended, as a key safe, it has a large internal cavity for safely and securely storing keys.

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Being designed for the outdoors it is weather resistant and waterproof that prevents it from freezing or jamming in winter. It also has molded bumper and vinyl coated shackle to prevent scratching. Like other 5-dial locks, you can choose one of , possible combinations but you might run out of 5-letter words sooner than that limit is reached. The padlock is very easy to reset and is very simple to use. This combination lock is ideal for those who have trouble remembering a sequence of numbers.

This combination lock is perfect for school lockers, gyms lockers as well as some outdoor applications. WordLock Padlocks provide maximum security against theft with a 6. Reviews are mixed however with the main criticism being the lack of durability of the letter markings on the dials. Masterlocks are really rocking the combination market and nothing proves that more than their No D BlueTooth combination wall lock box.

Being Bluetooth, the combination lock can be operated directly from your smartphone with a free eLocks App for Android and iOS. Codes can also be set using the more traditional method of punching buttons too. With the app, you can schedule access times and provide permanent or temporary access for certain credentials.

The app lets you track usage of the device and provides instant tamper and low battery warnings. The device, like other key safes, has a large storage capacity for bunches of keys or sets of access cards.

It has a solid and durable shell that is coated to protect it from the elements. It is battery operated but batteries are simple and easy to replace. The USB stick measures 6. Overall it has a very solid, high quality, zinc alloy metal build and also comes with a velvet pouch accessory to protect it in transport. The combination is entered using the device's series of rotating rings with a choice of letters or numbers to enter a pre-defined 5-digit code.

The manufacturer claims it has been designed according to Leonardo Da Vinci's original plans with some modifications to accommodate a USB stick. Also, some other reports indicate that the dials themselves can be rather stiff. This setup provides an easy to use and fast method of entering your own personalized codes. Each one can hold 4 to 12 position codes and also comes with a master code.


This master code can be changed by opening the lock and pressing the central button until its light turns white - then enter your new one. Unlike other combination locks, dialSpeed can be easily used one-handed and it looks the business too.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty. Its shackle is made from boron carbide to maximize cut resistance and it also comes with anti-shim technology. It is, however, only designed for indoor use only but comes in either black or white. Reviews are a little mixed ranging from high praise to others complaining about issues with it breaking prematurely.

As always buyer beware.

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The dial itself is also reminiscent of the combination dials of the average safe but with letters instead of numbers. This lock lets you program your 3-letter combinations with any easy to remember a phrase that comes to mind. The padlock also comes with an automatic scrambling feature for added security. The lock is 48 mm wide and made from double re-inforced stainless steel so it's highly durable.