Chess Tactics: Learn How To Win Chess

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Search trees of highly tactical positions tend to be narrow and deep. Often, replies are singular due to forced recaptures or check evasions, triggering for instance check extensions , recapture extensions , singular extensions or one reply extensions. The somehow complement set of non-tactical moves may be reduced by null move pruning , multi-cut and late move reductions.

Tactics is therefor covered by search, even with rudimentary evaluation better with some king safety terms involved - but positional evaluation and strategical knowledge is necessary to drive the program into tactical positions, where it might out-search the opponent due to its superior search.

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Anyway, some programs consider some tactical motives in their evaluation or search control, which are usually not subject of a quiescence search , to become aware before they occur two or more plies behind the horizon, especially in PV-nodes and to avoid standing pat if the opponent has some threats. Some programs consider some tactical features in evaluation , i. One may also consider too many hanging pieces , even if not actually attacked but the opponent has resources to perform double attacks.

Best strategy for (beginner's) improvement

Pinned pieces may subject of respective penalties in evaluation as well. From Chessprogramming wiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

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  7. Probably this is the easiest to identify among all the players involved. Key is to identify who are the people in the organization on whom the king relies on. Queen is the most powerful piece.

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    She can move in any one straight direction — forward, backward, sideways, or diagonally — as far as possible. There might be multiple queens involved in the projects you are working on. It is very clear that they have grown in their career by learning at every stage and growing horizontally across skill areas and vertically up the ladder.


    It is also important to identify and support the queens in your own team. Rooks: The rook may move as far as it wants, but only forward, backward, and to the sides. The rooks are particularly powerful pieces when they are protecting each other and working together! Bishops: The bishop may move as far as it wants, but only diagonally. Make sure to see to it that the rooks and bishops in your team are complementing each other, work as a team and support each other very well.

    In different projects, you can switch them to play another roles and thus help them grow in their career so one day they become a queen in your team. Be aware of the knights in the opposition team — that may be a client team or a competitor or just another department in your organization whom you are serving. You should be able to assess their possible moves.

    First moves for White - Chess Strategy Online

    Pawns have another special ability and that is that if a pawn reaches the other side of the board it can become any other chess piece called promotion. A pawn may be promoted to any piece including a queen. Be sure to identify the pawns in the organization who are very close to getting promotions and are about to become very powerful. Identifying them well in advance and working with them to build relationships will be key to success ahead. Also identify the members in your own team who are junior but have great skills.

    Make sure to support them properly, allocate them to right projects where they will blossom and one day will get promoted to higher levels, supporting you in the future projects. Basic Chess Strategies — also useful at Workplace: Protect your King: Get your king to the corner of the board where he is usually safer.

    10 Tips to Become a Chess Champ

    Be it your manager, or the project leader, or the key sponsor of the project, it is always critical to do your best to support and protect them. This means doing something before anyone tells you to do so, thus helping the king to stay out of the troubles or get out of the troubles. Every team member is important. Learn to identify their skills, what motivates them, what their skills are and make sure to focus on their strengths for allocating right work.

    Treat your employees well and make every effort to retain them to your best ability. Control the Center of the Chessboard: You should try and control the center of the board with your pieces and pawns. If you control the center, you will have more room to move your pieces.


    Your opportunity will come. As long you are holding the center stage, your visibility is highest, your chances of making right moves at the right time are higher. Try and develop all of your pieces so that you have more to use when you attack the king.