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Click on the thesaurus category heading under the button in an entry to see the synonyms and related words for that meaning. Definition and synonyms of catnap from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of catnap. View American English definition of catnap. Change your default dictionary to American English. Even try the vacuum cleaner running under the bassinet if you need something to try right this minute! Here's a trick that may just be what you need!

Go into your baby about 5 minutes before she usually wakes up from her nap. Gently prod her, enough that she stirs or moves slightly At that point your baby should fall back into a deep sleep, and sleep through the waking that was about to occur. We have had amazing feedback on this technique from lots of mums, so we look forward to hearing how it works for you.

It generally won't work the first or second time you try it, so be patient and try Wake to Sleep for at least a few days. An alternative to Wake to Sleep is going in to resettle as soon as you hear some stirring. Some babies start to make little noises or wriggle round a bit before they fully wake. So you could pop in once you hear these little sounds and do your resettling before baby wakes fully and cries. You can re-insert a dummy, use some patting, turn up the white noise or whatever works for your baby.

We recommend this as a shorter term option, in order to try to shift your baby's body clock to having longer naps. Try reducing the help needed over time to see how baby gets on without your assistance and work on giving baby more opportunity to resettle without help. Using a dummy can be a great way to get your baby to resettle after one sleep cycle.

It doesn't work for all babies, but it's well worth a try, especially if you have a sucky baby. Often baby wants to suck but doesn't yet need a feed, and they may well go back to sleep for another cycle once the sucking desire has been satisfied. Once your baby is over about 5 months, you can start to teach your baby to re-insert the dummy without help.

This is an excellent way for babies to get back to sleep and nap for longer. Babies should grow out of catnapping by about 5 to 6 months but your baby needs to be able to put themselves to sleep initially for this to happen. Hi jo, My baby 12 weeks old tomorrow and he constantly cat naps sometimes only sleeping 15mins at a time. He self settles most days unless he gets too upset and i assist by patting him. He sleeps through the night most nights and doesnt have a problem going to sleep on his own at night time.

Catnapping Could Be The Answer To Better Baby Sleep

Like you said we do feed, play, sleep routine so yes sometimes i think he is going to bed on an empty stomach. I was adviced to top him up with formula after feeds to see if i wasnt getting enough breastmilk. He drinks about mls of formula each feed as well as both breasts but still wants to be fed every 3hours.

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Ive been trying to stretch out his feeds to 4hours so he can have a good amount of play time and then when he goes to bed its not so close to his next feed. He can be distracted sometimes but some days he cant wait. If he does cat nap some feeds to end up being before a sleep which sometimes helps and he will sleep a proper hour and a half or 2hours. But then sometimes he doesnt. Anyway he goes to bed at night after a feed so do you think he is really hungry when waking up after a cat nap or is he associating milk or my breast will sleep?

Im not exhausted as we get a good sleep at night but he gets very cranky by the end of the day if he doesnt get much sleep.


Some days he only has 20mins for the whole day. Also a lot of times he falls asleep when being fed.

I constantly have to wake him through feeding. Hi Jarnie, Catnapping is incredibly frustration! It is developmental so some babies need to grow out of it a bit before things change. Plus make sure the room is dark and there is white noise. And resettle him when he wakes. If you are interested, send me an email to jo babybliss. Hi Jo, My little boy is 9 weeks old.

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The catnapping for us is in the nighttime. Rocking worked but then he was awake again after soon after. His cry is a whinge and he grumbles a lot. Finally he has been doing a projectile poo in the early hours when I change him!

Has your baby catnapping stopped you from having a shower?

My 6week old has been catnapping since weeks old. Sometimes if I hold him while he sleeps he stays asleep longer but will usually still wake after 30mins. Sometimes I can resettle him but this seems to be getting harder to do as he is starting to resist it more. The only way he will go to sleep is being gently bounced in my arms and since about 2weeks old he has never gone to sleep in his bassinet. We hate spam and we'd never give your address away. Good question! Here are my four top tips: Feed your baby when they are hungry.

Has baby catnapping affected your day? -

Resettle the baby back to sleep. I recommend keeping the baby in the cot for the amount of time they are supposed to be asleep for, about 90 minutes. So if they sleep for 45 minutes, only resettle for about 40 to 45 and then only if it looks like it is going to work. Pick your battles. If your baby is very upset, pick them up and if you have to rock them to calm them, then do it.

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But try and do the last bit of settling in their cot. If you have tried all the above and are still struggling, then we can help you. Alice, Melbourne. Has your baby catnapping stopped you from having a shower? Belinda June 29, Jo July 6, Katie December 13, Jo December 19, Kate May 1, Jo May 7, Lee February 22, Irene June 11, Jo June 15, Good luck with it Irene! It can be tricky. Jo August 2, Jo August 8, Max J September 16, Jo September 29,