Asserting Yourself (Career Advancement)

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This often happens to women, but I want to be careful to note that it does not happen only to women. If you are having some trouble asserting yourself, and feeling frustrated that your ideas are being ignored or stolen, here are some things you can do during the meeting and afterwards.

5 Effective Ways to Assert Yourself at Work — Christopher D. Clothier

The answer I gave in this room drew a spontaneous round of applause. Since it struck a nerve I wanted to share it here.

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If you hesitate you give the crowd a chance to react to the other person stating the same idea — and then you have lost it. The idea will be now associated with them. Observe people in meetings. See how much of the talking that gets done actually comes in the form of interrupting. If you say your idea and no one listens and they just move on, they probably interrupted you when they changed the subject.

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The habit that allows you to learn to interrupt is to not hesitate. If you have something to say, and the crowd is getting away from you, you need to jump in. Will people listen? Will I get rejected?

When asking this question interviewers are probing to see how much thought and effort you have put into your career so far. This usually serves a gauge to determine how much effort you will put into a job with the company, so it is important that you provide a well thought out, intelligible answer.

How to get further in your career | TED Talks

You want to make sure that you show that you are constantly striving for progress. In accomplishing this task there are a few points that you can emphasize. With the way in which this question is posed, it can be easy to fall into a wormhole.

Below are a few mistakes to avoid. Throughout my career I have constantly strived to learn and grow to become the best administrative professional that I can. In the past I would not always assert myself or share ideas for new concepts, however in my last position I was in charge of several projects where I had to utilized my creative capacity and be able to effectively communicate with the team. I now see how these skills not only can contribute to my career, but also to the advancement of company goals.

Remember, you want to always leave the interviewer with a positive. But, before you can develop a career plan for the future, you must first gain an understanding of yourself and your options.

Career Development: How to Fast Track your Career

It allows you to develop a better understanding of what you are capable of, so that you can demonstrate your potential to others. It also shows your potential for future learning. This step begins with the influence behavior of assertiveness.

Living With a Lack of Job Security

Ask yourself what key skills you have used in the past and the present, and determine how you can leverage them now. Understanding Your Options To become successful, you need to be able to leverage the constant changes that take place within the organization in order to achieve your personal goals. Instead of simply trying to do a good job at work, you need to develop multiple career goals that focus on what you expect to happen in the future, so that you will be prepared for changes that take place. Taking deliberate action will allow you to create opportunities.

Understanding Your Next Steps Once your career goals have been determined, you are ready to take the next step and develop a career development plan.