April Fools Pranks: 31 Pranks for the Office

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If your victim uses Microsoft Word, edit the dictionary to autocorrect certain common words they use. Focus on words specific to your industry.

Jim's Pranks Against Dwight - The Office US

Are your co-workers expecting you to pull off some heinous prank this year? Then do nothing, but act like you are up to something all day. Your co-workers will be paranoid all day.

Send your co-worker an embarrassing video like a Justin Bieber song. Watch as his face reddens.

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If you want to make a co-worker totally paranoid, get everyone else in on this. Throughout the day on March 31, anytime someone is in her cubicle or office, pretend there is a faint, but awful smell. You could say we know how to have fun at work. That's dedication to pranking… aprilfoolsday is coming up you know ;- foodforthought pic.

April Fools Day: 10 Simple Last-Minute Workplace Pranks For Students And Grads

RIP to the guy who thought this was a good idea!! AprilFoolsPranks pic. Tag the other half of your devious duo that would help you pull something like this off!!

AprilFoolsPranks Make Mento ice cubes for your friends sodas. Another prank pulled off on my wife. AprilFools aprilfoolsday AprilFoolsPranks pic. Forgetting what she had done, she filled her own hands with wood glue.

15 office prank ideas to show your coworkers who's really the boss

The worst part of getting caught in her own prank, however, was when she turned the tap. Work was being done on the building, and the water had been shut off. But Galek said the frequent pranks in her office bring people together. Everyone shared a laugh about her gluing her own hands, and that made her and her 40 employees a bit closer.

Jokes ought to be something that everyone can find funny.

31 April Fools’ Day Jokes For Teachers To Play At School

Targeting the boss Matthew Mercuri came up with a legendary prank in his office, the Montreal steam cleaning company Dupray Inc. You certainly have to choose your moments wisely. If you can laugh at yourself, then your employees know they can laugh with you. Open share tools.

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1. Fill your boss's office with balloons.

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