Addicted to Death Restored to Life: The Story of My Life

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Gwen discovers Andrea dead in their bathroom, clearly having overdosed. Andrea's death leaves Gwen devastated and perhaps wiser as to how an addict's behavior affects others. Gwen commits herself to restoring her relationship with her sister.

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Gwen and Lily reconcile, and Gwen leaves treatment, but not before Eddie warns her that Jasper is dangerous to her sobriety. Back in New York, Jasper tries to make amends to Gwen for his behavior. Reconciling, Gwen tries to help Jasper to understand what needs to change in their relationship to support her recovery; but she soon sees that Jasper doesn't take her sobriety seriously. Seeing old party friends, Jasper wants to join them, demonstrating that he won't change his lifestyle or adjust to her needs and abstentions as a recovering addict.

Gwen comes to terms with the fact that they are too different now and starts to see that recovery, though an everyday struggle, might be attainable. She breaks up with Jasper and walks away for good. Some time later, she is reunited with a sober Gerhardt at a floral shop. In a post-credit scene, Eddie recognizes a Santa Cruz character, Falcon, arrive as a new patient at the rehab facility. The website's consensus states: "Even though 28 Days is tackling a difficult subject, it comes off light and superficial, and maybe even a little preachy.

Singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III , who plays one of the center's patients, contributed four songs to the soundtrack. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the drama movie. For the horror film, see 28 Days Later.

My Real Life Story

Theatrical release poster. Columbia Pictures Tall Tree Productions. Archived from the original on 5 October Retrieved My relatives are very supportive, but this is new to us all and we just seem to be going around in circles and not getting anywhere. All she did for the past 8 months is lie, scream and cursed at us whenever we bring up her addiction.

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She would never even admit she is a heroin addict. Now she says she wants to get clean. My husband and I keep asking ourselves what we could have done differently. We have 4 other kids who grew up in the same environment.. My heart breaks for all the parents here. I pray for each and everyone.. I pray that we all get our loved ones back.

Dear Sandra. My heart hurts for you as I read your entry today.

What Is Addiction?

I have dealt with this issue for nearly 20 years with my daughter. After many many many rehabs, jailing, time lost with her husband and children I would of never thought that she would continue in this way. I wanted to encourage you and your husband to not try and make her fall easy on her.

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I think we all have to learn that there are consequences to our behaviors and actions and when someone takes our consequences on it leaves us little chance to learn and change. It is a scary notion for our children to be incarcerated but it is actually way safer than being out in the world seeking and using heroin or any other drug.


God bless you. I have had to completely place my daughter in gods hands and allow her to make her choices and deal with her consequences. It took me many years and many talks from recovery councilors, pastors and others who have walked this out to get to this place. I had to realize that her chaos had become my chaos and that I deserved a better life as God has good plans for me. So today I get up and fix me a cup of coffee, talk to God and give her over once more.

I open my email and read all these entries and I believe that today we are here to offer each other love, understanding, an ear and somehow some encouragement. Pam thank you for your post. Mind you this has been going on since January 23rd, and county, city, and state police will not do anything, but let them continue using for the bigger fish. I worry half the night and all day wondering about the knock on the door, saying one of our daughters our dead.

I said yes, the girl says good cause my next call is dhs. I clean to take my mind off of this terrible situation, no one should have to go through. Just wanted you to know you are not alone, so many with the same horrible stories to tell.

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  • Keep praying and believing for a miracle, never give up! Blessing to you and your family. Then at least you know you tried to protect the children. Has everyone seen the video from Ohio police? Thats the cold hard truth of all this. Neva I really feel for you. I feel for for all loved ones of addicts, especially the ones using these potent drugs. None of us understand it no matter how hard we try to figure it out. Please, please,please go to a Dr. Get something to take the edge off. I had to or I was ready to do myself in. Thinking about my situation consumed me. Anyway I got the smallest dose of prozac and only took one when I felt I was going mad.

    Maybe once or twice a week just to get my mind out of the rut. You may need more — everyone is different. This is what I had to do to keep my sanity. No we are not weak. We are broken hearted human beings. I know exactly how you feel but my daughter has kids and the ex has already taken the first child. I too sometimes think that living this way has to be worse than death….

    Keeping a child away from anyone that has raised a big portion of the child life is so wrong. It hurts so deep, as deep as a death. It makes a person physically and mentally ill. I am so sorry for what you are going through. My husband and I are going through something similar with my 39 year old daughter. We have allowed her to live in our small apartment that is connected to our house while she has tried to get away from her horrible man.

    He is extremely violent and abusive and we do not want him to come to our home. There is a court No Contact Order but they see each other anyway. This man is the cause of her moving here as she got evicted from two other apartments because of his violent behaviors to other residents. She refuses counseling and keeps going back to him. I have finally given up on this situation after many years.

    Stump’s Inspiration To Get Clean Came From A Simple Cup Of Coffee

    I just want you to know that I understand how hard it is to be the mom in this kind of situation. That is the sorry part. Diane, We are in the same situation.